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click to enlargeLeaves every day. You can fly in the morning or in the afternoon. From the hotel you drive to the small airport, you watch a video of 30 minutes, on the video you will have a good introduction to get the idea of the lines, discovered by MARIA REICHE. After the video, you will get into the small airplane. You fly for 45 minutes over the lines, getting an excellent view of the lines over the whole Pampa area.


Leaves every day. Duration: 3 hours. In this tour you can visit the Chauchilla cemetery. There you can see some tombs with mummies inside, and shows you the way of life of these times. After visiting this place, you will visit another place where you will get a demonstration of the gold mining process, in the same way they as in the ancient times. The last visit will be in a place where they demonstrate you pot making, in the same way the Nazca people made pots.

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