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25 December 2011

Carla Beulen-Graef

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Hello madam , sir
This year I travelled with Fox to peru in the month august.
It was a beautiful journey and I saw a lot of your countrey in three weeks.
In Arequipa we had a tour from travel tours and it made great impression on me. I was aware of the difficult circumstances people had to work and live and Miguel Fernandez explaned us a lot about these people and the children of the daycare we visited.

I wish you a very merry christmas

23 January 2011

Michael Carr (Australia)

Miguel is the best tour leader I have met. His passion for his family, country and people is to be commended. His role as a tour leader is with the same passion. He strives to be his best at all times and
preforms all his required duties with diligence and care.

19 January 2011

Judy and Neil Barnes (Australia)

Our Tour guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his country. We got a great insight of Peru, and all it has to offer.
HIGHLIGHTS: The wonderful nature of the Peruvian people and their
adaptability to the land. The contrast between such a large desert and then just around the corner a beautiful oasis, then a little further on and you are in the mountains.
COMMENTS ON INTERACTION: The extra real life trip through the quarry and the shanty towns was a great insight and the people are most most gracious to allow us into their everyday lives..
A little hard to get used to eating so much during the day,but all meals we had were great. Tried a little of the local cuisine(Guinea Pig and Alpaca) and of course the Pisco Sours. All different than what we are used to, but good to try.
We thought the trip was excellent. Our Tour guide was very
knowledgeable and passionate about his country. We got a great insight of Peru, and all it has to offer. What more can you ask on top of Machu Pitchu for your Birthday. Outstanding.

18 January 2011

Simon Yam (Canada)

LEADERS NAME: Miguel Fernandez
Miguel was an amazing tour leader. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational as a person. If
anyone I know is going to Peru, I'd recommend Miguel without hesitation. He made the trip just that much better.

Fantastic guide, good food, good experiences. Highligths were seeing the animals and witnessing the natural wonders of Peru

18 January 2011

Debbie Yam (Canada)

Miguel Fernandez: COMMENTS LEADER: Excellent tour guide. Went out of his way to help us get what we wanted out of this trip. HIGHLIGHTS: Uros islands (floating islands in Lake Titicaca)

17 January 2011

Jennifer Levy (Canada)

Miguel was very knowledgeable about the social and political circumstances of Peru and was able to answer all questions and
provided great insight into the history of the country and the plight of the
poor. His ' Real Peru' tour in Arequipa was a real eye-opener and gave the group a real understanding of the economic circumstances of much of the population. Miguel had a real knack at binding the group together; although the ages of the people on the tour were great he managed to establish good relationships across the group and fostered a team approach to the journey which was good. He taught us how to dance and how to cook- fun experiences. Knew all the hot spots to eat and drink and his very good relationships with 'local' guides really added to opur enjoyment and understanding of the
various places we visited.
COMMENTS EXPERIENCE: Great guide, small group worked well together, great time had by all.
HIGHLIGHTS: Colca Canyon - seeing the condors and Micchu Piccu - the location of the ruins is just breathtaking.
LOW POINTS: Too much moving around - could not be changed as we covered such a large area of Peru.

COMMENTS ACTIVITIES: Lots of variety, well organised

14 January 2011

DR.B.Samtoy (U.S.A.)

Miguel was very passionate and eager to explain and show us all facets of the country, we learned a lot with him as tour guide, I really liked also the reality tour and the Peruvian cooking lessons we did since this was very unique and close to the heart and soul of the country.
[email protected]

14 January 2011

Mark Jacobs (Australia)

Miguel is the best guide we have had during extensive world travels. His knowledge of areas travelled, history and sociology is excellent. He has a very high work ethic and caters to all on his tour. He is that approachable that people outside of our tour approach him and ask
questions. He is very polite and well organized.
EXPERIENCE: Miguel our tour leader made this trip so enjoyable.
He had everything organized so well in advance, gave regular briefings for the areas to be visited and was a wealth of knowledge. He is an absolute asset and is a type of person any boss would love to have working for him.
HIGHLIGHTS: Lake Titikaka, reed islands and Machu PItchu. When the fog lifted at Machu Pitchu I was in awe of such an amazing place.
COMMENTS ON INTERACTION: Visits to local child care centre, working quarry,markets, charity food hall certainly showed the real life Peru and people’s daily lives.

I sincerely liked Miguels philosophy of trying to help the people that show they want to strive for improvement themselves. Too
many people in Australia just expect a hand out and do nothing for
MEALS: Miguel organized some great local food. Alpaca and guinea pigs all round. It was great to try authentic Peruvian dishes. Miguel
chose wisely as at these places there was a wide choice if people did not wish to try these local dishes.
This trip offered a great realistic portrait of Peru. This trip certainly showed the highlights of Peru but also the reality of the daily
life of the local people within the areas we travelled. The knowledge of our guide (Miguel) was fantastic and his interpersonal skills were second to none.

07 January 2010

Jos Odeurs (the Netherlands)

Dag Saskia & Miguel,
Mijn vrouw Sonia en ik zelf moeten jullie van harte bedanken voor de prachtige reis
die dank zij jullie inzet prima is verlopen.
Wij komen zeker eind van het jaar terug om andere streken van Peru met julie
(natuurlijk en daar twijfelen wij niet aan) te komen verkennen.
Dank voor alles en wij wensen juliie het allerbeste voor 2010.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Sonia & Jos Odeurs

26 November 2009

Ruud van Impelen (Nederland)

Dag Saskia en Miguel,

Ik wil jullie heel hartelijk danken voor alle goede zorgen tijdens onze reis door Peru. Wij hebben ontzettend genoten van deze reis. We vonden het erg prettig dat Miguel ons de eerste dagen begeleidde tot aan Arequipa. Alles was tot in de puntjes verzorgd en de verhalen van Miguel over zijn land waren erg mooi en vol passie verteld. Heel hartelijk dank voor alles. Ik zal jullie waar ik kan zeker adviseren.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Ruud van Impelen
Iphi van de Wijdeven
Linda Meijer
Tamara Meijer

11 August 2009

Hans and Jenny van Bergen (Netherlands)

Beste Saskia en Miguel,We zijn al weer anderhalve week terug in Nederland. De Peru reis hebben we als zeer bijzonder ervaren:- Het landschap- De Inka en pre-Inka cultuur- Peru als land en zijn geschiedenis- De vriendelijkheid van de mensen- De Andes muziek- .. maar toch ook de armoede, waarin veel mensen leven.En vooral ook de perfecte wijze waarop de reis door jullie was georganiseerd.Vanaf Lima tot vertrek van het vliegveld in Cusco zijn wij steeds uitstekend begeleid (boven verwachting).Steeds stond er weer iemand bij vertrek of aankomst klaar om ons te begeleiden.We hebben ons geen moment in Peru onveilig gevoeld, of iets wat daar op lijkt.Het was al met al zeer luxe en een reis, die we ons zullen blijven herinneren.Als hoogtepunten hebben wij ervaren:- De Colca canyon - De trein (Orient Express) van Puno naar Cusco- Natuurlijk de Machu Picchu, waar we ’s ochtends voor zonsopgang al waren.We hadden een hele goede gids, auteur van het boek Machu Picchu (D. Cuba Gutierrez van Cosme)- De Nazca lijnenBij terugkeer in Lima hebben we ‘s middags nog geluncht in Larco Mar.Hartelijk dank, om aan te bevelen,Hans en Jenny van Bergen

02 May 2009

Marco, Anouk, Nellie & Johan (The Netherlands)

Hi Miguel!Yesterday you´ve done the reality-tour in Arequipa with us. We thought you´ve done a great job. We especially enjoyed the passion you have for improving life for the less fortunate in Peru! Before the tour we were a bit afraid this would be ´poor-people-tourism´, but we found it very sincere and interesting. We think everybody should do the tour as it gives a good image of Peru besides all the beauty and tourist-sites!We wish you all the best with your agency!Greetings,Johan, Nellie, Anouk & Marco

23 March 2009

Marian Steenbergen (the Netherlands)

Hartelijk dank A.I.Travel Tours team voor de persoonlijke zorg bij de prachtige reis door Peru. Via deze weg willen wij jullie nog eens speciaal danken voor de prima organisatie van onze reis. Marian en Stefan Steenbergen

12 April 2008

Eva Jakubowski (USA)

We arranged our Colca Canyon trip and hotel in Arequipa with Saskia and everything
went perfectly once we got there. Johnny our guide was great and informative. The
van was comfortable and the driver assured. It doesn't get better than this!

30 December 2007

Heleen Stok (The Netherlands)

Hello Miguel, Saskia and all your friends who made this trip a great experience! We had a lot of fun with you and your helpers and were sorry when we had to go home. The hospitality and friendly approach of the people in Peru and yourself made me feel at home and safe. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to see your beautiful country.
I had the opportunity to travel with Stichting Gehandicaptenreizen (July 2007), which made this trip even more special.
Hope to see you again.
Best Wishes for 2008!

06 November 2007

James Jurgen (Germany)

Thank you Miguel Fernandez and Saskia Tegels for organizing our Peru tour with so much personal care towards us as a family passing the 50. We will never forget your organization and will pass our experiences to others. Thanks again. James

31 August 2007

Carmen (USA)

Recently, we went to Peru and spent some time in Arequipa taking a tour to the Colca cayon. We had Miguel from aitraveltours and he was great. We had a wonderful time thanks to Miguel who was extremely patient and informed in answering our questions. We went hiking in the Colca cayon with Miguel and couldn\\\'t have asked for a more fun, engaging, and considerate guide, not to mention the van driver who was also extremely competent. I would not hesitate in recommending Miguel for a safe and enjoyable tour.
Keep up the good work Miguel, you are great!!

18 August 2007

Seida and Bo (U.S.A)

Miguel, You are the best guide we had traveling thru Peru..We had 8 in our group and we all had the same thoughts about you....We learned so much from you about your country, its people and its regions..We loved your guidance and the passion you have for your country..We were in the group with three of us who are Cubans, and my German husband , who was not feeling so good...You are a true professional!!

24 July 2007

Wim van Raamsdonk, www.gehandicaptenreizen.nl (Nederland)

Hallo Saskia en Miguel,
Onze dank voor uitstekende organisatie met regelen van onze 18 daagse rondreis (lima, puno, Arequipa, Cusco, Machupicchu, Jungle en nog veel meer) met een groep van 12 lichamelijke gehandicapten. Alles was uitstekend geregeld en de "peruaanse" hulpen waren uitstekende mensen die ons met alles hielpen. Door deze goede organisatie konden wij alle hoogte punten in Peru bezoeken, zonders hinder te hebben van onze handicap. Wij hebben genoten van de reis en zien er met veel genoegen op terug.
Names allen Wim van Raamsdonk, www.gehandicaptenreizen.nl

09 June 2006


I organized my first Peru tour with A.I.Travel Tours. It was new and exciting for me to arrange an 18 days tour through Peru from the Netherlands, my hometown. I am very very gratefull to Miguel, to Saskia, to have been there for me, not only as a reliable agency, but also by giving me support with problems I encountered on the way. They were always there for me, whether I was in Cusco, in Puno, in the Jungle. Thank you guys, for everything.

08 April 2006

mario gonzales

MIGUEL!!!!!!!!! you are a geat guide, your knowledge about your amazing country is excellent, after the trip, i really can tell other people that i know Peru and its people, i will remember this tour for a long time for sure, thank you very very much, best wishes.

04 January 2006

Vanessa Hobs

Firstly Happy New Year! I used to be a tour leader with Kumuka in South America
and during that time worked closely with Miguel on our Arequipa/Colca Canyon
tours. He was always more than helpful, professional, informative and great with
the passengers. Not only does he have a great deal of knowledge but his passion
for the country and his compassion for others means that as a guide he is second
to none.

I can only praise his work and have enjoyed working with him enormously.

Kind regards,

Vanessa Hobbs

16 December 2005

Lisa Oxley

Miguel you are one of the best guides out here in South America. My passengers always
have a great time on your tours. You are very professional and know verything there
is to know about Peru and the Colca Canyon. You have also been ery very helpful in
fixing any problems we have had with our truck. It has been a pleasure
working with you!
Hope to see you again one day,

Guia de Kumuka
South America

03 December 2005

Clare Wiggins

Whilst working for Dragoman in South America for one and half years I could
always rely on Miguel to lead my group through the Colca Canyon. He always
knew the best places to take the groups depending on their needs and would
always be conscience of outside factors, ie effects on the environment or
local problems. Often groups would arrive in Peru knowing very little of
local life but after meeting Miguel and listening him talk they began to
really understand how Peruvians live their lives. They also felt comfortable
in asking him questions that only a local could answer.

As our schedule was always very tight, reliability was a top priority as was
providing an excellent informative and memorable tour. Miguel was able to
provide all of that plus that something extra special!

Clare Wiggins
Dragoman Overseas Limited.

01 December 2005


My tour company, Kumuka Worldwide, has been working with Miguel for several years and myself and my colleagues have found the service to be excellent. Our groups visit Arequipa on average once every month.
Miguel has proved to be an excellent guide on both trips to the Colca Canyon and during his inovative Cultural Tours of the districts of Arequipa.
Miguel´s standard of English is excellent and he is a fantastic source of both historical and cultural information. When we have had problems, be it with
accomodation or with Peruvian bureaucracy, Miguel has always been more than willing to help us out and has sorted out our problems without delay. I would recommend Miguel and his agency without reservation.
If you require any more information please feel free to contact me.

29 November 2005

Anne Ver Hoef

Saskia and her husband, from A. I. Travel Tours, were absolutely wonderful -- not only did they set up a great tour of Arequipa and the Colca Canyon area, but had to help us deal with a member of our group who broke her ankle! Our group of family and friends, 10 in all, had just arrived in Peru and were thrilled with the arrangements set up by A.I. Travel Tours. We enjoyed every minute, including dinner with our hosts!

20 November 2005


Thanks so much for the Colca Canyon tour - an awesome day! Beautiful scenery, great guide, loads of fun .... you guys were the best!!!
John (tour leader, Happy Gringo Travel)

06 September 2005

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